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How to Choose an E-Cig Kit


Hello fellow or soon- to -be fellow vapers! Confused by all of the options available when trying to decide which kit will be right for you? You’re not alone. Therefore,we have decided to outline the basics of each kit as well as demystify a bit of the terminology we vapers use to ensure you’re happy with your purchase.
Word to the wise: These are just suggestions from OKC Vapes based on our experience as well as on what our customers have told us after purchasing and trying our products. We do our best to fit every single person with the right e-cig but sometimes our opinions don't suit every person's lifestyle. Please assess your personal needs and do a bit of research so you can make an informed choice as to what’s right for you. Please call us if you still are unsure of which kit to buy. You won't regret how the right e-cig can change your life. We haven't.
Stephanie and the OKC Vapes Crew

Basic Vaping Terminology

Atomizer – The heating element that vaporizes the e-liquid. Consists of a simple filament and wicking metal mesh that draw in the e-liquid. Available in either low or normal resistance for either a stronger (low) or smoother (normal) vapor. See the Atomizer page for more detailed information.
Battery – Energy storage device that comes in several different sizes and mAh. Used to activate the atomizer when vaping. The lower the mAh, the shorter the battery life.
Clearomizer – this style tank contains the atomizer head along with silica wicks that draw the e-liquid from the tank into the atomizer. Available in low and normal resistance, clearomizers are made with a variety of materials, generally polycarbonate, Pyrex, or aluminum. All of our clearomizers have replaceable atomizer heads. Please be advised, some e-liquids can degrade polycarbonate tanks. (See Tank Crackers and Tank Cloggers)
E-liquid – liquid that contains varying levels of nicotine which is placed into the clearomizer, cartomizer, or other vaping specific containers. Comes in six different levels of nicotine and an amazing array of flavors to suit your tastes and needs. Please see our E-liquid page for further details.
mAh – Milliamp hours. The total amount of energy a battery can store at one time.
Tank – 1. A refillable plastic container with a mouthpiece generally found in 510 kits or with individual 510 atomizers. This tank is filled with e-liquid and then placed into the 510 atomizer.  2. Used as a general term for clearomizer or cartomizer systems with self-priming outer tanks.
Throat hit – the “thump” in the back of the throat we vapers love so much when we take a nice drag off of our e-cigs. Simulates the sensation of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Standard Kits

510-T Kit – a standard 510 kit consists of two batteries, two atomizers, seven tanks, a USB charger, an AC wall adaptor, and 10mls of e-liquid.
Oakley 650 and 1100 Kits - a standard 650/1100 kits consists of two batteries, two clearomizers, a USB charger, an AC wall adaptor, and 10mls of e-liquid.
Firefly Kit– a standard Firefly kit consists of two batteries, two clearomizers, a USB charger, an AC wall adaptor, and 10mls of e-liquid.
Deluxe Kits
For all kits, the deluxe upgrade includes a carrying case to organize your vaping gear as well as 20mls of extra e-liquid, giving you 30mls total.

510-T Starter Kit

The 510-T kits are available with either 180 or 280 mAh batteries. The 180 mAh kit is available in white only. The 280 mAh kit is available in pink or black. They are designed to simulate the appearance of a traditional tobacco cigarette. They do have a shorter battery life than larger batteries and take roughly two to three hours to charge.
We’ve found that many people choose the 510-T models because they prefer the smaller, sleeker design as well as how they simulate the look and feel of a traditional tobacco cigarette as opposed to the larger models.
We normally recommend the 510-T model to social smokers or individuals who smoke less than a half a pack per day of traditional tobacco cigarettes.
For individuals purchasing the 510-T model for design and comfort purposes, who do smoke more than half a pack per day of traditional tobacco cigarettes, we recommend that they consider purchasing an additional battery or batteries and atomizers and chargers to accommodate the shorter battery life and charge time.

Oakley eGo-T 650 mAh Starter Kit

The Oakley 650 mAh kit comes in four different colors: black, blue, pink, and green. We recommend these kits for those who smoke more than a half a pack, but no more than one pack, of traditional tobacco cigarettes per day.
This is generally the first kit many people choose when transitioning from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping. If you like the smaller, less bulky look and feel of the 510-T model, but desire the longevity of a bigger battery, the Oakley eGo 650 kit is definitely the next best option!

Oakley eGo-T 1100 mAh Starter Kit

If you're a pack a day or more smoker, we suggest buying the Oakley 1100 mAh starter kit. It is available in black or pink. Similar in diameter to the 650 mAh batteries, the 1100s are a little bit longer to accommodate the extra mAhs. However, most people adjust quickly to the extra length.
The 1100 mAh batteries are super convenient as you will not have to recharge them as often as you would with the smaller e-cigs. These batteries are great for chain vapers or individuals who prefer the lower resistance atomizers.

Firefly 1100 mAh Starter Kit

Another option for pack or more smokers is the Firefly 1100 mAh kit. The Firefly has the same mAh and advantages as the Oakley 1100 batteries listed above. This model is available in either red or purple. It also has a couple of cool extra features. One, it has a charge indicator light that is blue when fully charged, green as the charge starts to fade, yellow when it is getting close to the end of its charge and red just before it dies completely. The second cool feature is the flashlight at the bottom that functions when the battery itself is turned off.
You can also check out our Atomizer, Batteries and E-Liquid Info pages for more information on these kits.
Still not sure which kit is right for you? Please feel free to Contact Us for more information!
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